1. What makes SUYON Collection different from ordinary water- based nail polish?

SUYON Collection products meet the strictest guidelines such as FDA, ECC and Japan safety requirements that any parent would approve.  All our products are tested and evaluated by a reliable and recognized testing institution in France. Made of water-based, non-toxic ingredients, its natural formula is safe for children of all ages and everyone without sacrificing the quality of professional make up products. 

  1. Do you have any tips on flawless application?

First, shake well before use and apply the polish onto nails using the brush and after one is applied, wait for one minute and apply a second coat. 

  1. How big is a bottle of SUYON Collection Nail Polish?

The size of SUYON Collection nail polish is 8ml/0.27 fl.oz.

  1. What is the shelf life of SUYON Collection nail polish and how long will last?


SUYON Collection has two years of shelf life and after opening the bottle, the product will last up to one year. . 


  1. Do I need a special nail remover when using SUYON Collection nail polish?


You don’t need a remover! Just Peel-Off when you want to remove!  It is that simple!

  1. Is SUYON Collection for only little girls?


Our products are for everyone especially for those who can’t tolerate the harsh and smelly chemicals. 


  1. Does SUYON Collection conduct animal test on its products?


Absolutely NO!  Our SUYON Collection products are cruelty-free and we make sure our bunny is always happy in safe environment!